What Makes the United States?


Reviews about What Makes the United States?
Written and Illustrated by Lois Sargent
ISBN: 978-62502-008-6 Copyrighted © 2015 by Lois Sargent
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“Lois Sargent’s What Makes The United States? is a charming and kid-friendly place to start a conversation about geography with young children. The rhyming text and colorful line illustrations, combined with the ease with which Sargent explains all the components of what make up the United States (house, street, town, etc.), make this book perfect for sharing one-on-one or with a group of young children. The care with which Sargent has constructed this book is evident from the very first page, and would make a fine addition to any library collection, or the personal library of any preschooler with an interest in the world around them.”
Courtney Ahearn, Head of Children’s, Salem Public Library

“What Makes the United States? is a delightful way to introduce inquisitive young minds to the framework of the United States. With her poetic style, and charming illustrations, Ms. Sargent has found a way to make learning the facts fun. Children of all ages will enjoy following along as she introduces them to the building blocks of our great nation, and discusses how all the parts come together to form the United States.”
Helen Venditti, Retired Teacher

“Perfect for elementary school-age children, this book from Lois Sargent explains how cities, towns, counties, and states all create what is called the United States! Sargent’s simple pencil drawings help readers relate the poetic words to the place where they live. At last, a delightful, informative book that honors our great nation by answering an important question: “What makes the United States?”
Bea Cravatta, Director, Chelsea Community Schools, Chelsea, MA


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