Services Offered

Pear Tree Publishing offers several different literary services to our clients, which include self-publishing assistance, book event planning, as well as book and business consulting. In 2016 PTP began acting as a traditional publisher for some of its client’s works. Pear Tree Publishing works with historical societies and other groups to publish their projects through a co-op publishing arrangement. PTP also offers bookstore services. Pear Tree Publishing has an online bookstore for its client’s books and it also has an online bookstore for client’s books that were not published with PTP. In addition to those bookstore services PTP can act as a bookstore agent for high end authors and celebrities at live book events.

Pear Tree Publishing works with authors to attain their dream of having their book published, printed and marketed to the correct audience. This is a team effort between PTP and the author to create the best book possible for each project. And best of all, the author and illustrator always retain ownership of their material.

From inception of book idea through the printing of the book to distribution and marketing and everything in between PTP can help you navigate the complex waters of publishing in the 21st Century.

Pear Tree Publishing – Not Quite Ordinary!

Services Offered:

Self-Publishing – Helping authors and groups to self-publish their work.

Publishing – Publishing books for higher end authors and established books brands.

Event Planning – Book and author events as well as the New England Authors Expo.

Book Store – Online book sales and supplying book sales services for live events.

Book and Business Consulting – Supplying advice on all of your publishing and literary needs.

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