PTP Illustrators

Leslie Beauregard

For as long as I can remember, I have been an artist and interested in picture books for children. Pictures tell visual stories, and when paired with words…the imagination has no boundaries. My goal as an artist/illustrator is to create whimsical narrative art and illustrations that can be enjoyed by everyone! If you have written a book for children and need some cool illustrations to help tell your story…check out the “Illustrations” section of my website! There you will find samples of my style and other information.  Leslie Beauregard

I am a published illustrator of the following children’s books:

The Key to Chivalry, by Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D., which is a book about resilience and emotional intelligence for parents and children. (2018)

King’s Day Out – The Car Wash, by Maggie van Galen and Dr. Amy Letizia Wheadon, Occupational Therapist, King’s Day Out – The Car Wash is a story about a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and his best friend Ben sharing the experience of trying something new and challenging. Each story introduces a new adventure and the sensory challenges that can be associated with it. (2021) King’s Day Out

Moon Juice, by author Molly Alesch, is a beautiful story about a mama who teaches her children about the word “intention” and encourages them to believe in the magic of the moon, but also to believe in themselves. (2021) Moon Juice


Jessica DeLancey

Info coming soon.


Laurel Larivee

Laurel Larivee is both an artist and an art educator. She received her BFA in Art Education from Boston University and currently teaches high school art in the New Hampshire seacoast area.  Laurel specializes in oil and watercolor, but enjoys other mediums as well.  In her free time, Laurel likes to spend time with her family and pets, read and talk about anything Harry Potter related, play Scrabble, listen to good music, and sketch. Laurel Larivee


Joanna Lundeen Gallant

Info coming soon.


Maggie Martin

Info coming soon.


Sandra McGuinness

Sandra has been an artist for many years. She created a set of illustrated greeting cards that were well received. Her current interests are to make an impression on children and parents in a nice and happy way by writing children’s books that are illustrated by her art. “A Day Spent with Mia ‘N’ Teddy” is her first book.


Cathy Provoda

Back in 1956 to 1958 my mom was attending a Fashion Illustration School in Springfield Massachusetts.  She would often bring me with her.  I was quite young, but I can still remember exactly what the room looked and smelled like. It was a large room with high ceilings and large long windows that brought in lots of light.  Mrs. Feiggy (the art teacher) gave me some paper, a pencil and eraser.  I sat at the table and she placed little porcelain figurines in front of me to draw. I was in Heaven – surrounded by easels and the smell of turpentine and oils.

Throughout my childhood one of my favorite pastimes was to be outside sketching.  Flowers, pets, trees, the clouds in the sky – whatever presented itself to me – I drew.  To this day, I love sketching and painting outdoors.  Several years ago I was Sitting on a dock by a lake when a Mallard Duck with 10 ducklings swam into the cove.  Was it my imagination?  Or was she posing for me?  It certainly seemed that way.  I ran into the house to get my camera, they were still there when I returned, and I took lots of pictures.  When done, they swam out of “Blueberry Cove” into the main lake and I thought “that will be the name of my new business, Blueberry Cove Creations.”


Colleen Sgroi

Colleen Sgroi, dreamed of being an artist since she was a young girl. Her work is available world-wide on puzzles, calendars, prints and greeting cards, and has been included in films by major motion picture companies. Now her work is also featured in children’s books. Colleen lives in an artist community in Lowell, MA. She owns and operates an art center in Billerica, MA where she and a dedicated staff teach children and adults to bring their own creativity into the world. Colleen Sgroi 


Allison Sinclair

Allison Sinclair is the designer of the Pear Tree Publishing Haunted Pear Tree Logo. She is an artist from the New Hampshire seacoast, with a BFA in Illustration, who loves simple yet elegant design with a dash of whimsy. Her preferred mediums are charcoal, pastel, and digital painting in Photoshop, though she is trained in many more. She is inspired by the nature that surrounds her, the children she has nannied for in the summers, and her grandmother’s zany creativity. Besides making art she loves reading, learning languages, and traveling. Allison Sinclair 


Ben FTaylor

Ben F. Taylor is a freelance illustrator. He has illustrated two children’s books. His first, “The Animal Dance”, was written by his daughter, Jamie. His second was “Davy’s Ride Down” by Michele Gibeau Cronin and was published by Pear Tree Publishing. Ben lives in Derry, NH, with his wife, Joanna.


Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson is the designer of the Pear Tree Publishing Double P “Printing Press” Logo. He is an exceptional photographer and designer. Chris is primarily self taught through experimentation with a variety of traditional and digital photographic tools and materials. When not creating photo-art, Chris offers services in photography, architectural design, digital imaging, and graphic design/brand development.

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