PTP Authors

Jack Ahern

Jack Ahern has always had an interest in history, wildlife and the great outdoors. He was a member of the Sharon, Massachusetts Historical Society; the Massachusetts Archaeological Society Inc.; the North American Hunting Club; a Life member of the Sharon Fish and game Club; Life Member of the Ames Pistol and Rifle Club; Life Member of the National Rifle Association and a supporter of the Maine Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Jack died on April 4, 2018.


Maurice P. Bellis

Maurice P. Bellis After many years of writing technical reports, papers and, for the fun of it, poems of rhymed couplets, Pete decided it was time to try a full blown memoir for family and friends. The finished memoir came to some 200 pages and contained over 300 pictures, mostly in color.


Ann Biese

Ann Biese has been an avid Yoga Instructor for all ages and has been teaching yoga to children and teens for over ten years. She applies the principles of breathing and laughter in teaching children skills they can use every day to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Ann has used these same techniques when serving those with health-related issues, as well as under-privileged children, as they learn to become more mindful, and better able to cope with their challenges. Born and raised in the Midwest, Ann now lives in New England with her husband where they raised two children. Her favorite relaxing breath is the Bumble Bee Breath.


John L. Cartier

John Leonard Cartier started working at the age of 9 as a paper boy. He joined the Navy at age 19, married his high school sweetheart at the age of 20 and was the father of 5 by age 29. Now, at the age of 85, John still hasn’t stopped! When John was stricken with throat cancer in early 2016 at the age of 84, he decided to spend his recovery time writing about his life’s journey and the people and events that touched and changed him. John lives in Haverhill MA, a northeast suburb of Boston, with his wife of 64 years, Laura, surrounded by his children, his 14 grandchildren, his 13 great grandchildren and his many friends.


Pasquale A. Emiro

Pasquale A. Emiro was a retired guidance counselor who lived in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Josephine, had four children: Christine Moore, Frances Larson, Patricia Nicol, and Joseph Emiro. Pasquale was a Eucharistic Minister at Sacred Hearts Parish in Bradford, Massachusetts and was a member of a Catholic Men’s Group at Holy Family Parish in Amesbury, Massachusetts. He was a hospice volunteer and a member of the Friendly Persuasion Toastmaster’s Club. In his spare time, he enjoyed cooking, travel, writing poetry, and reading. Pasquale was a member of the Greater Haverhill Poets. Pasquale Emiro passed away on January 3, 2013.


Noel Foy

Noel is an award-winning children’s author of ABC Worry Free and a neuroeducator specializing in workshops and one-on-one coaching for kids and adults on anxiety/stress, executive function and growth mindset. Noel likes to tackle complex topics in kid-friendly ways and engage readers in playful stories that provide practical problem-solving tools to face fears, decrease stress and promote healthy change. When Noel isn’t writing, reading or working with clients, you will find her paddle boarding, kayaking or biking. She likes corny jokes and enjoys baking and cooking for family and friends. Neuro Noel Consulting


Michele Gibeau Cronin

Michele Cronin is a professional instructor and performer of the violin; Davy’s Ride Down is her first children’s book. As a mother of 5, Michele’s children spent many winters sledding down the big hill in their own backyard, in Atkinson, NH.


Joseph G. Kalil

Dr. Joseph G Kalil a retired dentist in Methuen MA and past President of the Massachusetts Dental Society now spends his time writing poetry among his other hobbies in music and photography. A member of the Gray Court Poets, his poetry has been published in newspapers, magazines, books and journals. “The Dentists Prayer” which he authored was accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA) as the universal “Primary Parameter of Care” for dentists to follow in the treatment of patients. It was published in “Chicken Soup for the Dental Soul.” He is devoted to his family and his profession and has vowed to share all his life experiences with them before his life reaches its expiration date.


Heidi Lane

As a retired elementary school teacher of 35 years, Heidi is an expert on sharing stories with children. She found it easy and fun to channel her passions for teaching and reading to create “Forever Ours”, her first children’s book. Heidi lives in Chelmsford, Massachusetts with her husband, Wally and currently teaches in a local pre-K program. Heidi Lane


M. C. Long

Author and longtime resident of Methuen, MA, Marilyn recently moved to the beautiful New Hampshire countryside where she plans to enjoy life with her husband, adult children, three beautiful granddaughters and her feisty Quarter Horse Rio Bravo.


Lucinda Marcoux

Lucinda Marcoux holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Management and Policy from the University of New Hampshire and over twenty-five years of management positions in the health care field. Her diversified career covers work in acute care, rehabilitative care, long-term care, assisted living care, and work with the American Cancer Society. Due to this extensive experience, Lucinda is able to provide a unique picture of a medical dilemma from both a personal as well as professional perspective. The author lives in New Hampshire with her husband and her cat named Boris. She is a mother of a son and a daughter and the proud “memere” of two granddaughters.


Ed Marshall

Ed Marshall was born to middle class parents in Lowell, MA, just 50 yards from a noisy three story red brick factory. Nearby Hale’s brook offered him escape and exposure to nature and adventure. He attended 12 years of Catholic schools which thankfully seems to have had little effect on him. Not knowing what he wanted to do in life he attended Lowell State College, predominately a teacher training school, mainly because he knew what teachers did. He began writing about the things he knew at the age of 50, describing the late start as a time when he was “filling his tool bag.” At some point the bag overflowed into three separate hand bound works of poetry. Later, as improved finances made traditional publishing possible, he produced “Rings on the Pond” books one and two. Most of the little poems in these two books challenge the reader to “look again” by throwing a focused four line beam of light at many simple and often overlooked precious bits of life.


Mary Marshall

Mary Marshall is a Usui Reiki master, certified hypnotherapist and licensed massage therapist. She has been studying metaphysics for over thirty years and intends on being a lifelong student. Mary currently lives in a small town in Massachusetts.


K. D. Mason

K.D. Mason a life long runner and sailor, lives on the New Hampshire seacoast with his wife and two cats, Molly and Sweet Pea. He has two grown children, a son who lives in Las Vegas and a daughter who lives with her husband and their daughter in Massachusetts. A lifetime of working in the restaurant business, sailing in the Caribbean and New England as well as hanging out with an active running community has given him a wealth of story ideas. K.D. Mason  


Sandra McGuinness

Sandra has been an artist for many years. She created a set of illustrated greeting cards that were well received. Her current interests are to make an impression on children and parents in a nice and happy way by writing children’s books that are illustrated by her art. “A Day Spent with Mia ‘N’ Teddy” is her first book.


 Cynthia G. Neale

Cynthia G. Neale is a native of the Finger Lakes region of New York and now resides in New Hampshire. She has long possessed a deep interest in the tragedies and triumphs of the Irish during the Great Hunger. She enjoys Irish set dancing, traveling, reading, art classes, baking fanciful desserts, hiking, kayaking, creating events that include food and dance, laughing until it hurts, and dreaming about possibilities. Ms. Neale wrote the book Pavlova in a Hat Box, Sweet Memories & Desserts, Pear Tree Publishing’s first cookbook! She is the author of the young adult books, The Irish Dresser and Hope in New York and Norah, her first historical novel for adults. Ms. Neale also writes plays, short stories, and essays, and holds a B.A. in Writing and Literature from Vermont College. Cynthia G. Neale


Jeanette C. Parker

Jeanette C. Parker was a loving wife and mother to eight children. She was very religious and loved poetry. In her poetry she spoke of her believes and her faith shown through. In December of 2011 she turned 90 years old, and as a gift to her, her family had a collection of her poems published. To supplement the poetry drawings were included drawn by her daughter Bernadette. Jeanette sadly passed away on December 6, 2016.


 Raymond Paul

Raymond Paul was a lifelong resent of the Merrimack Valley. Raymond lived with his wife and family dog, Todd. He had four children, all married and living in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Raymond served his country in the Marines for eight years. During his lifetime he had six different careers. A few years ago Raymond got interested in writing poetry and short stories. Solace at Sunset is his first book of short stories. Raymond passed away on June 5, 2018.


Nicholas Roberto

Nicholas is a first-time author who began writing children’s books shortly after the birth of his daughter. His stories explore complex, challenging topics in a fun, kid-friendly way that introduce children to relevant and important concepts at a young age. He also enjoys writing music, eating ice cream, and coming home to his family after a long day of fly fishing.


Frank Romano

Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Print Media. He is also President, The Friends of the Museum of Printing, Inc. Frank is the author of 79 books, including the 10,000-term “Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications” (with Richard Romano), the standard reference in the field. His books on QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, and PDF workflow were the first in their fields. He has authored most of the books on digital printing. One of his books is the 800-page graphic arts textbook for Moscow State University.

He founded eight publications, serving as publisher or editor for TypeWorld/Electronic Publishing (which ended in its 30th year of publication), Computer Artist, Color Publishing, The Typographer, EP&P, and the NCPA and PrintRIT Journals. He founded the Digital Printing Report and was the editor of the EDSF Report.

He joined Rochester Institute of Technology in 1990 and was appointed to the Melbert Cary Professorship, and advanced to Director of the School of Print Media. He was tenured in 1998 and was awarded Emeritus status in 2010. He continues to teach courses at RIT, Cal Poly, and other universities and works with students on unique research projects.

He has contributed to the printing sections of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, World Book Encyclopedia, and McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, as well as graphic arts terms for the Random House Dictionary.

He has served on and chaired standards committees (Committee for Graphic Arts Technical Standards), the U.S. arm of the International Standards Organization) that defines the file structures, workflows, and terminology of the modern printing industry.

He lectures extensively, having addressed virtually every U.S. club, association, group, and professional organization at one time or another. He has presented to groups in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. In 2021, he made presentations to groups in Great Britain and India.

He has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Times of London, USA Today, Business Week, Forbes, and many other newspapers and publications, as well as on TV and radio.

He is president of the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, MA where his 10,000-book library now resides. He is passionate about preserving the rich history of typesetting and printing. He appeared in a “History Detectives” episode and provided advice and props for the movie “The Post.”

Most know Frank Romano best as the editor of the International Paper “Pocket Pal,” the introductory publication for people starting in the printing industry. He was the editor for 33 years. He has authored hundreds of articles for publications around the world. Presently, his articles appear in Middle East Printer and Australian Printer magazines.

He began his career at the Mergenthaler Linotype Co. in 1959, with stints at VGC and Compugraphic in senior marketing communications positions. He became one of the first consultants in the printing industry and assisted over 1,100 companies in the conversion from hot metal to phototypesetting, from letterpress to offset lithography, and from offset to digital printing. His clients have included almost all Federal agencies, the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, as well as major commercial printers, publishers, insurance companies, directory printers and producers, and manufacturing companies.

His latest book is the 500-page “History of Desktop Publishing (Oak Knoll), which joins “History of the Phototypesetting Era” (Cal Poly), and “History of the Linotype Company” (RIT Press).

He has received awards for his dedication to preserving the history of graphic communications from the American Printing History Association and the Printing Industries of New England has awarded him its lifetime achievement award.

He is at the Museum regularly, presenting lectures, providing tours, and working on research projects. Museum of Printing


 Lois Sargent

Lois Sargent began writing before she could read, composing her own “book” in kindergarten. Once bitten by the writing bug, she wrote plays in grade school and essays and short stories in high school. She found her true voice in college: poetry. She has studied with the poet Hannah Kahn and has been a student at the Frost Place and the Prague Summer Writers’ Workshop. Her poetry has been published in the US and UK and she has received numerous poetry awards. Her poetry was included in two anthologies, “The Breath of Parted Lips: Voices from The Frost Place, Vol. II” and “Moments Falling Open”. Poetry served to integrate her personal and professional life. As a mental health counselor, she was an advocate of using poetry in therapy and conducted poetry therapy groups and training workshops for professionals. Her newest accomplishment was to publish her book “What Makes the United States?” A book she created over 50 years ago for her children.


Lillian C. Schiavoni

Lillian was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Ever since she can remember she always wanted to write a book. About what? She didn’t know but when she was able to write her name and got her first library card she wanted to write a book. She was a member of the Greater Haverhill Poets and has had her poetry included in GHP compilation books, local newspapers and other projects. When she became a grandmother she began to write short stories about her grandchildren and their adventures. She collected these stories together in the book When I Grow Big Like Peter which was published in 2016. Lillian passed away in April 2017.


Judy Seidl

Judy Seidl is an Ordained Minister, Shaman, Reiki Practitioner, Bowen Practitioner and Artist. She has conducted workshops for women and at times incorporates energy work through sacred dance and movement. Judy studied painting with a local artist and paints using a variety of mediums. She resides in a small town in Massachusetts.


Alfred M. Struthers

Alfred M. Struthers lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire, with his wife and their incorrigible dog, Manny. He loves crafting books that inspire, entertain and make a difference in the lives of young readers. In addition to writing, he is a singer/songwriter, furniture maker and avid collector of fossils from the streambeds around Cooperstown, New York. Alfred M. Struthers


Maggie van Galen

Maggie van Galen is the award-winning author of the Keeno and Ernest children’s book series. She has published a book of poetry called An Inside Look…and wrote for a small-town New Hampshire newspaper. After years of telling stories to her boys and their friends, Maggie decided to share them with the world. She truly hopes that you enjoy them too! Maggie has recently been named a winner in the 2014 and 2015 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” contest put on by The Authors Show. Maggie lives with her family on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Maggie van Galen


 Susan K. Walsh

Susan K. Walsh grew up just a few miles west of Edgewood, and moved there upon her marriage to Jim in 1970. A graduate of Wellesley College with a Master’s from Harvard, she taught Latin and Greek at the Shady Hill School in Cambridge for 25 years, until devoting herself full time to the raising and racing of Thoroughbreds. She is now a State Steward at Suffolk Downs, and still lives in North Andover with her husband Jim. There they care for a small family of Edgewood-born horses, a herd of farm cats, and a venerable Irish Wolfhound.


Dr. Amy Wheadon

Amy is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 22 years of experience working with children and families. Amy is a board certified, practicing occupational therapist who is licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Amy has extensive clinical experience working with children with developmental disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Executive Functioning Disorder.  Amy uses an eclectic, individualized and strengths-based approach to facilitate each child’s success and independence, by targeting strength (including core strength), fine motor skills, visual motor integration skills, sensory processing skills, organizational skills, cooperative peer interaction and confidence building.  Amy has been trained in and has experience using specific intervention traditional techniques such as the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol, the ALERT Program, the Astronaut Program and Handwriting Without Tears.  Amy also has previous experience using ILS and The Listening Program. Amy founded, developed and refined the EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program in 2015, which now has its headquarters at kidSHINE, with 10-15 high intensity exercise based classes offered weekly for all age groups and ability levels. Amy also runs an EXERSHINEkids clinician training and certification program quart-annually.

Amy is an active member of AOTA and MAOT, and she is an AOTA Approved Provider for Professional Development Activities. In 2020, Amy completed research on the efficacy of high intensity exercise as a change agent for improved sensory processing skills in children.  Amy has presented this research at the AOTA Children and Youth Conference, the Georgia Alliance of School Based OTs and PTs, and had her poster presentation accepted for the 2020 AOTA National Conference.  In addition, Amy is a guest lecturer at universities and collaborative e-learning conferences and she provides in person and virtual continuing education for several area preschools and elementary schools, including participating in a post- COVID educational support grant program to bring her BOOST program to two area schools.

​Amy recently co-authored the first book in a children’s book series about sensory processing, friendship and empowerment: King’s Day Out. In her spare time, Amy enjoys distance running and is a strength and conditioning enthusiast.  She has a passion for exercise and understands the importance of fitness, health and staying active as part of daily life.  Amy is also a mother of 3 teenage children and a rescue dog named Luna. Dr. Amy Wheadon


Helen M. Williams

Helen M. Williams holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Wake Forest University where she was a student-athlete and a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Lenoir-Rhyne University. She has been involved with intercollegiate athletics for over 25 years and held positions at Division I, II, and III institutions: Lenoir-Rhyne University, Wake Forest University, University of South Florida, Western Michigan University, US Naval Academy, Princeton University, Merrimack College, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently she is a Visiting Fellow in the Harvard University Administrative Fellowship Program. Williams also works as a color analyst for men’s and women’s basketball and is the author of “Coach Like A Mother, A Guide For The 21st Century Sports Coach”. She continues to be involved in athletics because of her belief in building education through sport, using it to develop the future leaders of our country. Helen’s sports consulting company is HMW Sports Consulting. Her twitter handle is @coachlikamother.


 The Greater Haverhill Poets

The Greater Haverhill Poets (GHP) was a group of people that enjoy reading and writing poetry. They used to meet to discuss poetry and writing in general. They had been meeting every third Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. at different locations around Haverhill, Massachusetts since the early 1980s. Their meetings often had guest speakers and included field trips. The GHP is currently inactive.


The Write Group

The Write Group is comprised of five poets from various walks of life: television producer and host, registered dietitian, high school teacher, founder/executive director of the non-profit American Community Think Tank, flight attendant and mental health counselor. All illustrate the idea that poets/writers benefit by sharing their writings with others and experimenting within their craft. The members are: Gayle C. Heney, Karen M. Kline, Barbara Prolman, Lois Sargent and Blair Gracie Woodman.


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