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Publishing in the 21st Century is very challenging and very different than publishing in the 20th Century. Things are changing rapidly and continue to develop in different directions. To be a successful author today you need to not only be able to write well and have an interesting story to tell, you need to be a publishing expert. Today authors are basically small business owners and are much more responsible for things like marketing and distribution than ever before. Authors need to know the basics of book & cover design, copyright & tax law, advertising as well as marketing and distribution. Authors need to understand social media, accounting, website design and hundreds of other small but important aspects of running a successful writing career. Many authors are overwhelmed once they get started and quickly lose their way; or even worst, some authors never start at all because they are too intimidated. With all of the opportunities available today, offset printing, digital printing and print-on-demand books to e-books and audio books it is easy to understand why people get confused.

We at Pear Tree Publishing understand what you are going through. The reason that we understand you so well is because we started out just like you. We were authors looking for help to publish our books. We were lost and needed help. We found some kindred spirits that assisted us and held our hand. Today we now offer you the same kind of support that helped us succeed. Our philosophy is that by working together and sharing our knowledge, anything is possible.

Pear Tree Publishing – Not Quite Ordinary!

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