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Pear Tree Publishing, an imprint of Obert Publishing, was created in 2005 to assist authors and groups to self-publish their work. Pear Tree Publishing also provides marketing support, by way of its webpage, catalog, networking and public functions. Pear Tree Publishing is also available for consulting services.

As many people realize, it is often very difficult to find publishers that are willing to publish their work. However, most people don’t know that the odds are 10,000 to 1 that the average person’s book will be published. Just because a book is not accepted by a major publishing company does not mean that the book is not worthy of publication or is not an acceptable book. In fact, many fine, and even some outstanding, books go unpublished each year! For this reason many authors have taken it upon themselves to self-publish their work.

Many books that were rejected have gone on to be self published best sellers. Some of these include: What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles; A Time to Kill by John Grisham; and Robert’s Rules of Order by Henry Martyn Robert.

Unfortunately, self-published books tend to have a stigma associated with them. Many newspapers and magazines won’t review them and they are at times often overlooked by the media. The reason behind this is simple: many books that are self-published are just not up to the quality of professionally published work. Although the authors did their best, most are not experts in editing, design, printing, and marketing, all skills needed to produce a high quality book. Regrettably, writing skill is not enough and many good books fail.

Here at Pear Tree Publishing we aid authors and groups with the skills needed to turn their manuscript into a fine, high quality book. We offer assistance with marketing, along with other means of support.

Pear Tree Publishing cares about our customers. We strive to build lasting relationships by understanding our clients’ needs. Our goal is to provide higher quality to our customers each time they use our services. We strive to deliver superior products and services that will help them to achieve their personal or business objectives. We will make every effort to earn their trust by keeping our promises, being honest in our dealings and admitting our limitations. We dedicate ourselves to providing new and innovative products and services so that our customers may conquer new opportunities. We look forward to our future achievements! For more information on self-publishing and marketing your book ideas, please contact us.

Most of Pear Tree Publishing’s projects have been the combined efforts of Christopher P. Obert and the authors and groups listed on the “Authors” page. During certain projects Chris also utilizes the talents of his wife, Nancy. Nancy is what Chris calls “his muse and guiding light!” She has the ability to find errors that Chris may have missed and keeps him on track, removing all obstacles in his path. Chris and Nancy also take advantage of the talents of their daughter, Shari, for proof reading and editing. Shari is an Honors Graduate of Boston College, who double majored in History and English. Shari has the ability to cut through the clutter, find discrepancies and correct problems. From time to time Pear Tree Publishing also uses the services of local freelance writers, artists, and other publishing professionals. Our motto is “If we are unable to do the work in-house, we look outside for professionals to assist us.” Perhaps you can become part of the Pear Tree Family! We are currently developing a network service for local publishing professionals. If you are interested in joining our team of professionals, or are interested in networking, please feel free to send a copy of your resume to Christopher Obert at Pear Tree Publishing.

Pear Tree Publishing uses Signature Book Printing as its primary offset printer. We are capable of working with any printer, we do however recommend Signature for offset printing. Signature Book Printing has focused on excellent quality, smooth and easy customer service and great prices since it opened its doors in 1986 as a short run book printer. Signature now produces hard cover and soft cover books, books with both color and black and white insides, and prints in much larger quantities than before. It produces beautiful full color books, coffee table books, as well as runs of poetry, novels, and technical books. During this growth in capability, Signature has concentrated on its initial emphasis of quality, customer service, and value. You can visit them at Signature Book Printing.

Pear Tree Publishing uses King Printing as its primary digital printer. King Printing is a short-run book printing company. As a book printer they specialize in short-run printing and binding for self-published authors, individuals, small businesses, and book publishers. You can visit them at King Printing.

Pear Tree Publishing uses KDP as its primary print-on-demand printer. With KDP you can easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers, eBook distribution, and marketing strategies so that you can generate more opportunities than you imagined. You can visit them at KDP.

Pear Tree Publishing uses photographs, artwork and graphics created in-house by Pear Tree, as well as the work of other talented artists. The copyrights to all images belong to either Pear Tree or the artist supplying the image. Pear Tree also uses images (in its publications) owned and distributed by Nova Development Corp. All rights on these incredible images belong to Nova. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the images we use.

Pear Tree Publishing is a “green” company. We recycle all of our waste: paper, plastic, metal and glass. We also recycle all of our ink cartridges, batteries and old electronic devices. Pear Tree Publishing can use either new or recycled paper in its books to satisfy the requirements of the client.

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