Facebook – Pear Tree Publishing is now on Facebook! To interact with the site log on to Facebook and type in “Pear Tree Publishing” to see tons of behind the scene photos of books, authors and events. While there, become a fan of Pear Tree Publishing. PTP is also on Twitter and look for Pear Tree Publishing books and authors on LibraryThing and GoodReads.

The New England Authors Expo has a new website! – Pear Tree Publishing is a proud sponsor of the NEAE and is happy to announce that they now have their own website. For the past few years the NEAE have been using the Pear Tree Publishing website to promote their events and to have authors and illustrators sign up for events. Pear Tree Publishing will continue to sponsor their events and help to promote them. All sign up will now take place on the NEAE website. NEAE website.

Post Cards – Pear Tree Publishing is now producing post cards! The first set of ten feature Haverhill and Bradford Massachusetts. Our post cards have images never seen before. These post cards will tie in with five new books that Pear Tree Publishing will be creating in connection with the Haverhill Historical Society and the Haverhill Public Library Special Collections. The first book should be available in early 2019 and we sell the post cards in sets of ten and twenty (two of each card) in stock. If you are interested in these history books or the post cards please contact us.

Pear Tree Publishing welcomes Mary Ann Esposito, and others, to its family of Independent Book authors – Now available on Pear Tree Publishing’s Independent Publications page are some new and exciting books by New England authors: Mary Ann Esposito , star of PBS’ Ciao Italia cooking show and author of “Family Classics”; Anne Ipsen, author of “Karen from the Mill”; Chuck Miceli , author of “Amanda’s Room”; M.R. Tighe , author of “Galaxy Rand” and “Judgment on Tartarus”; Guntis Goncarovs , author of “Convergence of Valor” and “Havana’s Secret” and we still sell books from Pasquale A. Emiro , K.D. Mason and Bruce Valley.

Videos coming to Pear Tree Publishing – PTP will slowly add videos to its website to give you added information on its books, services and events.

Legendary Locals of Haverhill, Massachusetts – Over the summer of 2011 Nancy and I were hired by Arcadia Publishing, the premier publishing company for local history books, to write the very first book in their new series titled Legendary Locals. The book spotlights many of Haverhill’s most noteworthy citizens. The book is available at Arcadia Publishing and is also available through Pear Tree Publishing’s Independent Publications page. We hope that you will take a look at this new series of books from Arcadia.

Some of our newest books!

Pear Tree Publishing began publishing children’s books in 2015 with our first book “What Makes the United States?” written and illustrated by Lois Sargent. Next we began working on a series of books called “The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest” written by Maggie van Galen and illustrated by Joanna Lundeen Gallant. There are three books in the series so far and we look forward to more books coming. We have two new series of books being developed. The first series begins with the book “Worry Bee” written by Ann Biese and illustrated by Colleen Sgroi. The second series of books begins with Davy’s Ride Down written by Michele Gibeau Cronin and illustrated by Ben F. Taylor. We are also working on a second edition of “What Makes the United States?” This edition will be a bilingual edition written with English and Spanish text. We also have a forth series of children’s / young adult books under construction. More information on that series will be coming soon.

Solace at Sunset, by Raymond Paul. This book is an anthology of over 100 very short stories. Author Raymond Paul draws on his life’s experiences, observations and imagination to write a wide variety of stories covering many topics. Raymond sadly passed away in 2018 and we have a very linited number of books in stock. Order your copy today!

A Good Life, by Maurice “Pete” Bellis. This 208 page book is the personal memoir. Pete has lived a fascinating life and takes us with him as he relives his journey.

Coach Like a Mother, by Helen M. Williams is an operations manual for coaches at every point in their career. Every coach will benefit from valuable lessons in interacting with the 21st century athlete. Young coaches and those new to the profession will find information useful to navigating their career path. Boomer and Generation X coaches get useful tips on dealing with Generation Y Millenniums and Generation Z kids. The insights from “Coach Like A Mother” on leadership and management can be applied to coaching, parenting, and business. Helen M. Williams

Edgewood, an Old Farm in the New Millennium by Susan K. Walsh. This book tells the history of the Edgewood Farm in North Andover, Massachusetts and its transformation from dairy farm to horse farm to retirement community.

Dealing with the pain of cancerKing of the Forest by Lucinda Marcoux is a “Family Saga Novel,” which is a novel that tells the story of a tragic event that takes place in the life of one family. It was my pleasure to work on this book with the author. The day that I met Lucinda, my family was going through a tragic moment ourselves. We had just been informed that one of our favorite cousins had just passed away from breast cancer. It was too late to cancel our meeting and Lucinda walked into a home filled with sadness and grief. All of this made her story more relevant to me.

Lucinda’s story is one of a brother and sister and the life and love shared between them. It is a story known to many, but no matter how often it is told, it is never understood until it hits you and your family. The purpose of a Family Saga Novel is two-fold. One is to help the family deal with the pain by telling their story, and two, is to help other families reading the book to know that they are not alone.

Lucinda’s book fulfills both of these objectives because she has such a deep love of her family and her brother. The book rings true with both her family and the reader. You are not alone as Lucinda speaks from her heart and mind. Lucinda has a medical background and the story not only tells of the pain in her soul but also the science behind the medicine. The book does not overdose the reader with technical terms but walks you through the complex issues with a helping hand and gives you a shoulder to cry on.

Poetry Books for Teachers – Pear Tree Publishing has published many fine books of poetry and we are willing to put together a bundle of books, at a greatly reduced price, for high school and college English teachers. Please contact Chris today to see what we can do for you.

The Next Harvest – is a guidebook showcasing the Vineyards and Wineries of New England. The book includes detailed information on 74 New England wineries. The Next Harvest also includes other interesting information on New England and wine in general. So far the reviews have been great. The book is available at many of the wineries throughout New England. If your local winery (or book store) does not yet carry it, please have them contact us.

Gift shops and Wineries – Now is the time to stock your gift shop shelves with The Next Harvest… Vineyards & Wineries of New England the premier guide book to the wineries of New England. This book is currently on sale at the lowest price ever, $200 per case (14 books) plus $10 shipping and handling.

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