Reviews about: The Visual Side – a Collection of Poems
ISBN: 0-9749291-2-3 Copyright ©2005 by Christopher Obert

“Moving work…taking it slowly…savoring. Poetry is so deeply personal is it not?”
Judith Larmay, Artist/Author of “His Eye is on the Sparrow, a Book of Poems”

“In his poetry collection, The Visual Side, Christopher Obert tries to give the reader visual clues of his poetry on love and rejection… Obert plays the seductive role—like a stripper slowly revealing the layers of himself through his relationships with women. But the often haunting pictures in The Visual Side do indeed add to the poetry and put a face on his passions, making the words more difficult to forget.”
Coralie Hughes Jensen, author of “Passup Point”

“Some of these love poems would make very good songs. Terrific photos, glossy production. As Timeless puts it: The sun, moon and planets will certainly end / but our love is safe / for heaven is beyond time.”
John F. Haines, editor, Handshake (No. 63,) The News Letter of the Eight Hand Gang


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