The Next Harvest

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The Next Harvest… Vineyards & Wineries of New England
ISBN: 978-0-9749291-8-7 Copyright© 2008 by Christopher P. Obert & Nancy S. Obert

“ Hey Man, I’m drinking wine, eating cheese and catching some rays.”
Donald Sutherland as Oddball in “Kelly’s Heroes”

Reviews about: The Next Harvest… Vineyards & Wineries of New England

“Wow, this is great!”
Dan Aykroyd, actor, screenwiter, comedian and singer

“It is beautiful and very impressive.”
Lydia Criss, author of “Sealed With A KISS”

“The Next Harvest, Vineyards & Wineries of New England proclaims the deep affection Christopher P. and Nancy S. Obert have for New England and its rich heritage. While their research is thorough, the book doesn’t over reach in an effort to provide too much detail on each area but instead lists reference resources better suited to that level of local information. Since the focus is on wines, I had intended to skim the early sections and read about some of the local vineyards. Instead I found myself reading the first 43 pages, word-for-word, because they are well-written and engaging. The layout is appealing and the graphics are beautiful. This is a lovely coffee table book but will be added to our collection for its content and beauty.”
Jeanine Collins Malarsky, author of “Black Raspberries”, “Maggie’s Mirage”, and “Unworthy”

“You can tour wineries without leaving New England. This wasn’t always true, and until recently it wasn’t something wine lovers would have been interested in. But now, a Newport Vineyards label can mean a crisp and lovely white (even though it hails from Rhode Island) and a day of New Hampshire wine tasting could actually take you to seven wineries. The Next Harvest first walks you through New England’s history with wine and its grapes. In a brief study of me grape varietals, you’ll see familiar names, like Gewurztraminer and Merlot as well as Marechal Foch and Pinot Meunier. There is also a brief study of the other fruits used to make wine in New England, including apples, blueberries and cranberries, and the honey wine (also called mead) that is another popular product of the region. Then, the tasting begins. Just like a wine book you might pick up for Napa, the book offers a look at each winery, including a general history, location, season and hours of operation and wines available there. The wineries are organized by state, but the Oberts, who say they discovered many of these wineries for themselves during long-weekend exploration trips, also include reports of weekend and day trips. Or, you’d prefer to do a little tasting before heading out, replicate one of their taste tests, which help get you acquainted with the kinds of flavors to expect in New England wines.”
HippoMagazine, Spring 2009

“This is a very lovely travel guide to the wineries of the New England region in the United States. Being new to the world of wine myself I was pleased to find that a brief history of Wine and wine making was included. It was very interesting to find that an up and coming wine region is located so close to home! New England brings to my mind Clam chowder and lobsters more than Wine. The varieties of wine and grapes grown in the region are detailed, along with the wineries that work with each type. Each winery is described briefly in the second part of the book, along with a list of wines and other spirits produced by each. (I found it interesting that one winery even produces a Gin flavored with a hint of blueberries!) My favorite part is the wine trail maps that are provided. These maps give a suggested route to travel while visiting and help immensely while planning a trip (we already have one in the works for the fall!) 4.5 Stars”
Emidawg, LibraryThing Member

“Everything you need to know about wine-makers of New England in a full-color hardcover volume, a perfect text-book for your coffee tables… (5 stars)”
Peter Magliocco, Editor of ART:MAG

“Talk about not knowing what’s happening right in your own backyard. Sure we knew there were wineries in New England, even many good ones right here in Massachusetts. But 74 of them? Who knew. Christopher and Nancy Obert knew, apparently. They knew enough to write a whole book about the vineyards and wineries of New England. The Obert’s cover Massachusetts, certainly, but also Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Yep. Vermont. As we said, who knew. The book is called The Next Harvest: Vineyards & Wineries of New England and it’s now available, just in time for gift-giving to the wine lovers in your life.”
Cathy – Red, White and Boston (Blog & email) Cathy is part of the North Shore Winers and she has a wine blog as well. Red, White and Boston is her daily wine email she sends out to a list of interested people.

“This premier wine book spotlights 74 New England vineyards & wineries, each with their own unique styles of wine. This large, full color, hardcover book also includes basic facts about the New England region and its history, a summary about wines and wine-making in general and more detailed information on New England wines and the grapes being grown here. The book also includes driving loops that help visitors to explore New England and its many fine wineries. A great wine book. It should be in everyones hands!”
Bob Dabrowski, Candia Vineyards

Pear Tree Publishing would like to thank the following New England wineries for their generous support of this book:

Connecticut: Bishop’s Orchards Winery; Chamard Vineyards; Connecticut Valley Winery; DiGrazia Vineyards; Gouveia Vineyards; Haight-Brown Vineyard; Heritage Trail Vineyards; Hopkins Vineyard; Jerram Winery; Jonathan Edwards Winery; Jones Winery; Land of Nod; McLaughlin Vineyards; Miranda Vineyard; Priam Vineyards; Sharpe Hill Vineyard; Stonington Vineyards; Strawberry Ridge Vineyards; Taylor Brooke Winery and White Silo Farm & Winery

Maine: Bar Harbor Cellars at Sweet Pea’s Farm; Bartlett Maine Estate Winery; Blacksmiths Winery; Cellardoor Vineyard; Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery; Shalom Orchard Organic Winery; Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery; Tanguay & Son Winery; Vintner’s Cellar Winery and Winterport Winery

Massachusetts: Alfalfa Farm Winery; Broad Hill Vineyards; Cantina Bostonia; Cape Cod Cellars; Cape Cod Winery; Chester Hill Winery; Chicama Vineyards; Furnace Brook Winery; Hardwick Vineyard & Winery; Les Trois Emme Winery & Vineyard; Nantucket Vineyard; Nashoba Valley Winery; Neponset Winery; Obadiah McIntyre Farm Winery; Plymouth Bay Winery; Plymouth Colony Winery; Plymouth Winery; Red Oak Winery; Running Brook Vineyards & Winery, Inc.; Russell Orchards Farm & Winery; Truro Vineyards; Turtle Creek Winery West Country Cider and Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery

New Hampshire: Candia Vineyards; Farnum Hill Ciders; Flag Hill Winery & Distillery; Jewell Towne Vineyards; LaBelle Winery; Piscassic Pond Winery and Zorvino Vineyards

Rhode Island: Diamond Hill Vineyards; Greenvale Vineyards; Langworthy Farm Winery; Newport Vineyards and Sakonnet Vineyards

Vermont: Boyden Valley Winery; Charlotte Village Winery; Flag Hill Farm; Grand View Winery; North River Winery; Ottauquechee Valley Winery; Shelburne Vineyard and Snow Farm Vineyard


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