Reviews about: Reflections – A Collection of Poems and Writings
ISBN: 0-9749291-1-5 Copyright ©2005 by Christopher Obert

“I commend the poet for his ambitious work: this book compiles all of his poems written as of the date of publication. The good deal of thought that he’s given to each poem, tracking his goals and his work processes for each, may prove useful in the future as his poetry grows. Likewise, his book may prove interesting to other poets who are just discovering the art of poetry, since many of his notes provide useful information on poetic forms or insights on other poets who have inspired him.”
Alyce Wilson, reviewer, Wild Violet (Vol. V Issue I Mystic Mist) 2006

“I really enjoyed the poet’s diversity of form and style. The poems attempted a wide variety of exercises which resulted in a varied and interesting selection of poems. I thought too, that this book had a very clear sense of the author’s intention to write a set of poems that were driven by the intention to adhere to certain literary agendas, as well as allowing some of the poems to be more personally-motivated and to serve as kinds of tributes. An interesting, energetic sampling of poetry here.”
Writer’s Digest, 13th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

“Outstanding poets don’t come up very often so I was especially pleased to come across a new book by Christopher P. Obert titled ‘Reflections.’ Obert is a gentleman of great talent and truly exemplifies a quote of Robert Frost: ‘A complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found the words.’ A resident of Bradford, MA has won an award for his memorable thoughts truly worthy of support.”
Sid Ascher, Newspaper Columnist / Radio Personality, New Jersey

“Reflections by Christopher P. Obert, rhymed poems & idealistic writings by a fresh writer on the scene who says “It is a light hearted work meant to open news eyes to the world of poetry.” His poems touch devoutly on cherished subjects like home, family, wife, nature & God, so that one can’t help but root for a poet celebrating the eternal righteous verities, & to hell with any academic frowners…”
The Mag Man Revues, ART:MAG, Las Vegas, NV

“Very personal poems – private even – with an excellent dark fantasy narrative, And Redcap Waits, in which a vampire and a hameh meet: ‘Both were terrifying, irresistible, wicked and cold/Both knew and respected the other’s talents’, perhaps pointing the way to future developments for this poet’s work.”
John F. Haines, Editor, Handshake (The Newsletter of the Eight Hand Gang) Warrington, England

“I’m not much for rhymed poetry, but I found yours a worthy example of positive idealism for artistic & personal ideas.”
Peter Magliocco, Editor, ART:MAG, Las Vegas, NV

“Oh the insecurities of us poets, backed up by our naked beliefs. I stand with you! And by the way, nice work!”
Matthew M. Trusskey, Author – “Time Spent… A Quarter Century of Poetry and Prose”

“It’s an excellent book. I love the design, images, and variety.”
Phil Nanzetta, Owner Signature Books, Gaithersburg, MD

“I did, indeed, enjoy (your book) very much. Your poems are deep and emotional, heartfelt and honest.”
Norma Segal, Seacoast Writers Association, New Hampshire

“Congratulations on your successes as an author and poet! You are a successful alumnus of Northern Essex Community College and we are proud of your accomplishments.”
David Hartleb, President, Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA

“I enjoyed your book.”
Unsigned, The New England Poetry Club

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