Poems and Praises

Poems and Praises
Spirital Poetry by Jeanette C. Parker
Color Illustrations by Bernadette M. Prophet
ISBN: 978-0-9821983-4-6 Copyright ©2011 by Jeanette C. Parker

“It is difficult to write a summary of my life in a few words, but I will try. In December of 2011 I turned 90 years old. Funny I don’t feel that old. I have been blessed with a wonderful and quite adventurous life. Being the mother of eight children there was never a dull moment. My husband was a workaholic and loved us dearly. I have learned to let go and let God guide me. He has ever been at my side through much pain and problems. The more the pain the closer He was. My philosophy has been TO GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THINGS whether it be in pain, in problems, or in awe of HIS beauty around us. I believe this is my inspiration for the poetry I write. I never feel alone or lonely. GOD is always right with us in all circumstances to comfort us, to give us peace that surpasses all understanding. I thank GOD for the gift of simple poetry.”
Jeanette C. Parker, Taken from the book


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