Pen and Brush

Reviews about: Pen and Brush – a Collection of Poetry and Art
Poetry by the Greater Haverhill Poets – Art in cooperation with Poets and local Artists
Compiled by Christopher P. Obert and Charles Ames Fisher
ISBN: 0-9749291-3-1 Copyright ©2006 by Pear Tree Publishing as a compilation

“Fantastic job, quite beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the poems…I particularly liked Wind-Blown, The Null Hypothesis, Fantasy In Driftwood, Whisper Away, Bosc Pears and Winter Pageant. ME was very intriguing almost an ugly statement for a pretty girl but it is interesting, almost shocking…Whisper Away is touching, light and delicate like a fading memory. (Is it) referring to Alzheimer or senility. They are quite sad. Sometimes however our memories can be painful and more comfortable to forget. All the poems were short- one page or so, readable and comprehensible, different from some poems I’ve read in the past. Nice acknowledgment to ECMP too.”
Michael Finegold, Artistic Director, Essex Chamber Music Players

“The publication is very impressive. Your work makes a fine setting for the poetry and art featured. Thank you for sharing your talents with those of poets and artists to make this publication possible.”
Marylin Lytle Barr, Author, Unexpected Light and Concrete Considerations, Greater Haverhill Poets member

“The printing was #10 … a beautiful presentation. Thank you for taking such care with the book.”
Judith Larmay, Artist/Author, Romantic Realist/Surrealist

“I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded the Honorary Member status. Then you topped it off by dedicating the Pen & Brush book to me! I value such recognition deeply. In retrospect, it makes all of my ‘extra’ effort worthwhile. My sincere thanks to you all.”
Larry Fisher I, Poet

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