Pavlova in a Hat Box

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ISBN: 978-1-62502-007-9 Copyright© 2015 by Cynthia Neale

“As a chef taught by his mother, I find Cynthia Neale’s Pavlova in a Hat Box a stroll down memory lane. You can feel the love and passion in every word. The photos are enticing and the recipes delicious sounding and inspiring. The book has captured the true feeling of pleasure, beauty and love that gathering around the table can bring to family and friends.”
Chef Harry,

“As a foodie, cookbook author, and publisher, I was asked to write a review for Cynthia Neale’s book, Pavlova in a Hat Box. Her book is a dessert cook book but much more. I first met Cynthia at an author event where I had the pleasure of sampling her Cynsational Scones. As scones are my favorite treat, I remember how light and delicious it was with just the right amount of sweetness! What is unique about Cynthia’s cookbook is that it is written in memoir style. I found her writing flowed easily and I became immediately caught up in her fond memories and stories of home, friends, family, music, and art which inspired her to create the multitude of delicious desserts in her book. Each recipe is artfully illustrated to show the reader the beauty and whimsy of her creations. All recipes feature fresh, wholesome, and organic ingredients. The directions are simple and welcome the cook to be creative, intuitive, and to make changes for one’s own personal choice. Whether it be a cake, a scone, or a cookie, the reader will be totally immersed in the process of creating these delectable treats to enjoy and share with others. Reading through the book I easily envisioned the scents of fresh baked treats filling the air and cannot wait to try the molasses cookies and the Rocking Rhubarb Pie, YUM. It is easy to see this book is a delicious celebration of life!”
Marilynn Carter, author of No Fret Cooking

“Cynthia Neale’s Pavlova in a Hat Box is a love letter disguised as a cookbook! Filled with heart-warming memories of her mother and her delicious confections, Ms. Neale’s book not only offers recipes and tips on baking tools and techniques, but also invites readers into her mother’s kitchen, a place always filled with warmth and love. Beautiful full color illustrations and images of old recipe cards punctuate the book and remind us that ‘recipes are like love notes that warm the heart of the baker’”
Margaret M. Johnson, Irish cookbook author

“If you’ve got a sweet tooth and an eye for deliciously vivid watercolors, this confection of a cookbook will make you wish you, too, had grown up in New York’s Finger Lakes region with a powerhouse baker of a mother. From Ceili Cake to Cranberry Tarts, the secrets are all here.”
Karl Zinsmeister, co-author of Finger Lakes Feast: 110 Delicious Recipes from New York’s Hotspot for Wholesome Local Food


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