Leaf Sorrow Tree Strong

Leaf Sorrow Tree Strong by Lois Sargent
Pear Tree Publishing 2018
$14.95  ISBN 978-1-62502-017-8


“Lois Sargent’s poems echo her enthusiasm for life.  Even ‘the water is alive’ and voices are more than ‘fragments in the dust.’  In this wonderfully sweet book, Sargent takes us on a trip across time, through eons of civilization, faith, birth, death, and rebirth.”
Barbra Nightingale, President, Hannah Kahn Poetry Foundation, Professor Emeritus, Broward College.


“In these poems of faith, history, love and loss, you will find many lines that will stay with you, that you will want to keep and share: ‘Being alone is not being lonely/ There is a door’; ‘The most sacred place is a tear’; ‘I find my ecstasy/in K Mart’; ‘You can’t finish a puzzle/Unless you use all the pieces.’ These poems present wisdom gleaned from a life lived deeply.”
J.D. Scrimgeour, Coordinator of Creative Writing, Salem State University


“Lois Sargent’s poetry collection, ‘Leaf Sorrow Tree Strong’ takes the reader on a journey.  At times whimsical and even playful and at others ravaged by grief, but always strong and rooted in life.  Lois’ poems make the achingly personal universal and the mythic and historic intimately relatable.”
Marie Hviding, Head of Circulation, Salem Public Library, Salem, Massachusetts

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