High Tech Recommendations

“(Chris) was very good at problem solving and his analytical skills demonstrated that he has the ability to do well in subjects such as Computer Science. He made suggestions on how I could help some of the students who were struggling with the material. Without any of my asking, he was also willing and able to help out those students in class who were struggling.”
Ethel Schuster, Ph. D., Computer Science Instructor, Northern Essex Community College 2002


“Chris has a very logical mind and can quickly analyze a problem and come up with a working solution. He has a warehouse full of scientific information and useful ideas locked up in his head.”
Jim Davies, Steve Fairbrother, Robert Harris & Steve Schloth, PEC Shipping Team, Lucent Technologies 2001


“Chris served on one of the early quality improvement teams formed at the PEC and was an active participant in identifying potential problems and proposing solutions. In addition, Chris was responsible for many of the improvements made in the shipping area through his involvement in the Employee Suggestion Program.”
Dale B. Bates, Process Engineer, Lucent Technologies 2000


“(Chris) is an extremely hard worker, is very well organized and always looks for a better way to do things. Additionally, Chris is highly motivated and has the ability to motivate others to do their best on the job.”
Gerald G. Dow, Supervisor, Lucent Technologies 2000


“(Chris) is constantly looking for better ways of doing things. He has improved the performance and output of every department he has worked in. He is very knowledgeable about manufacturing and is always attending training classes to keep his skills up-to-date.”
Steve Fairbrother, Export Shipping/Quality Control, Lucent Technologies 2000


“Your ideas showed creativity and a proactive approach in getting our products out there for all to see…We appreciate your thinking out of the boundaries.”
(Referring to a suggestion submitted by the PEC shipping team – created and written by Chris)
E. F. Newland, Jr., Manufacturing & Provisioning, Vice President, Lucent Technologies 1998


“Chris has proven himself to be an excellent…leader because of his good humor, resourcefulness, and quick decisions making abilities. I feel Chris would be an asset to (any) company, because he understands the micro and macro business environments, and is capable of functioning in both the blue and white-collar universes.”
Brian A. Levasseur, Tier 4 Routing Clerk, Lucent Technologies 1997


“I have always been impressed with Christopher’s professionalism, attention to detail and ability to see the big picture. His interpersonal skills leave no room for misunderstanding, and thus eliminate the possibility of unfortunate surprises. Christopher exhibits a commodity that is very valuable in any environment – common sense.”
Alexander F. Vannett, Environmental Health & Safety Engineer, Lucent Technologies 1997


“I am very impressed as to how customer focused Chris is. If there is any way possible an order can ship on time Chris will do whatever necessary to get it shipped.”
Lois Brooks, Tier 4 Routing Clerk, Lucent Technologies 1997


“Chris always worked in a very professional manner and interacted well with all departments. Whether he was dealing with customers, venders or doing a field installation Chris stepped up to the challenge. He understands what it takes to get the job done and is not afraid to jump right in.”
Lawrence Ayers, Manufacturing Manager, Nucletronix 1997


“Your design was a perfect example of how a little teamwork can produce wonderful results.”
(Referring to a tee shirt design contest won by Chris Obert & Steve Fairbrother)
Barry Litner, Department Chief, Lucent Technologies 1996


“I have found (Chris) to be an excellent worker, both individually and in a team. He is constantly trying to improve quality and work procedures and has won many awards for his efforts. He is quick and adaptable to many work duties and responsibilities. He has a good understanding of the difficulties of management and the manufacturing process. He has shown the ability to regulate work flow and organize operators efficiently.”
Andrew R. Teoli, Engineer, AT&T 1991


“I would like to commend Chris…for the outstanding efforts he put forth during the Quality Cell Exposition. Most of this work was done by Chris at home on his own time. Mr. Obert played a major role in the success of our Quality Cell in this Exposition.”
A. C. Boisselle, Supervisor, AT&T 1989


“I have used Chris as a sounding board for new ideas and I have sought his opinion on matters relating to problems in the shop. He has a very good understanding of the complexities of manufacturing and he has the ability to convey his ideas in a clear and concise manner.”
C. E. Brettell, Planning Engineer, AT&T 1988


“Chris has an unusual interest and noticeable enthusiasm with regard to (science). His enthusiasm is infectious and I wish that more of my students were like him.”
Edward Spinney, Science Instructor, Northern Essex Community College 1984


“(Chris) has worked with members of our engineering staff and production staff over the last year and proven himself to be resourceful and a willing worker.”
George A. Herbster, Vice President, Nucletronix 1984


“I found Chris to be a good worker. He was willing to do any task given to him. He listened carefully to instructions, and he carried out those instructions exactly.”
David P. Lebet, Engineer, Nucletronix 1982


“I found Christopher to be a trustworthy and ambitious individual and feel he would be an asset to any company…”
David Elwell, Science Instructor, Amesbury High School 1980


Full Letters of Recommendation are available upon request.

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