Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait by Joseph G. Kalil, DDS

Pear Tree Publishing 2016,
$15.00, ISBN 978-1-62502-009-3

Informative, inspiring and entertaining; this book was originally subtitled ‘Poetry’ instead of ‘Words’ but the author felt that the collection of manuscripts that constitute the body of work here was more than that seen in traditional books of poetry. You will find the traditional poetic forms but he also writes about pathways to happiness and success as he describes The Cross of Life. His poems on aging are both realistic and full of humor. Health and human tragedies and afflictions are realistically portrayed. Life, love and family poems lovingly portray the human spirit.  His love for nature combined with his travel experiences are evident in the resultant images that are created in his poetry. Holidays and prayers complete the wide gamut of topics covered in this book, which makes it of great interest to a wide audience of readers. Finally the history of The Dentist’s Prayer’ which he authored is reported and is in part responsible for publishing this book. With this prayer, he leaves a legacy that is not usually found until after one has passed away.

“Dr. Kalil with carefully chosen words and rhyme, speaks to universal themes, as he and we with him, travel through life. Thankfulness, family, aging, belief in God and a willingness to gladly meet each day with hope resonate.”
Gayle C. Heney: Producer and Host of the TV series Write Now, former Poet Laureate of North Andover, MA

“Dr. Kalil is constantly taking note of the simple things in life and making them seem important, relevant and special through his words. His poetry teaches us to learn from nature, experiences and each other. Even while sometimes writing about difficult subjects, he magnificently combines it with the right amount of humor to make the reader smile. His poetry is easily understandable yet thought-provoking. “Heaven Can Wait” is such a unique piece of art, and it’s such a gift to share with family.”
Kelley Last: Television Promo Producer for the Hallmark Chanel, Los Angeles, CA

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