Expressions From His Heart

Expressions From His Heart
Spirital Poetry by Pasquale A. Emiro
ISBN: 978-0-9821983-2-2 Copyright ©2010 by Pasquale A. Emiro

“On Easter Sunday 2007, I wrote my first poem. Rather, I should say, God wrote it for me. I recall that while in church facing the beautiful decorated altar of lilies, I was inspired and compelled to write about this exquisite scene. Since then, I have written quite a lot of poems. The enclosed poems convey a variety of settings, personalities, and landscapes. They vary in thought, but underlying all is a spiritual nature. I’ve entitled them “Expressions from His Heart”, because that’s what they represent. His Heart refers to Almighty God, who inspired them. Literally, as Mother Teresa humbly said about her works, “I was the pen, but God wrote the words.” This has direct application to me as well. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did when I penned them.”

Pasquale A. Emiro is a retired guidance counselor who lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Josephine (now deceased), have four children: Christine Moore, Frances Larson, Patricia Nicol, and Joseph Emiro. Pasquale is a Eucharistic Minister at Sacred Hearts Parish in Bradford, Massachusetts and a member of a Catholic Men’s Group at Holy Family Parish in Amesbury, Massachusetts. He is a hospice volunteer and a member of the Friendly Persuasion Toastmaster’s Club. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, travel, writing poetry, and reading. Pasquale is a member of the Greater Haverhill Poets.
Pasquale A. Emiro, Taken from the book


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