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“I love your enthusiasm. I only wish that there was something like this when I started my writing career. Keep up the good work!”
Michael Palmer, Doctor and Best-Selling Author


“I attended the New England Authors Expo event last year. I went as a guest to see what happens there, the authors, the set-up, the people, traffic etc. I decided not to participate my first one till I viewed. My husband and I went down, and from the moment we entered, we were welcomed with smiles and friendly people. The set up was incredible, the attendance, and traffic were very impressive. I told authors/publishing businesses that I was a new author and everyone was so informative. I met Chris Obert and his wife Nancy and they were incredible to speak with. Their professionalism and information was top notch. I have participated in any NEAE event I could since then. This is a win win for all authors and the community.”
Eileen Doyon, Author of the Unforgettable Faces and Stories series of books


“Thanks for the terrific support and opportunities you make possible for me and other writers. I made great connections at the New England Authors Expo and Buttonwoods Museum events. The low fee you charge is a huge help, as are your enthusiasm and knowledge of publishing.”
Barbara K. Lawrence, Author of Islands of Time


“I am an author of three historical novels published by small, independent publishing companies. As a New England author, I seek out venues to promote my books. I met Chris Obert a few years ago and have been a participant at the events he has created and organized, i.e. the New England Authors Expo in Danvers, as well as at other events in Haverhill, MA and at Zorvino’s Wineries in New Hampshire.

I was impressed with Mr. Obert from the beginning. He is professional, astute, knowledgeable, and possesses integrity. As large as some of these events were, he maintained aplomb and related to each of us individually and calmly. It is not an easy task to coordinate, manage, and sometimes soothe authors’ worries and complaints over an event. He is a natural leader and I’m anticipating further events with him. I am also eager for him to open a traditional publishing company because I would definitely seek him out for my publishing interests.

The arts are threatened by the economic dark times, but without art and hope, we are lost as a society. One of my favorite quotes as a writer is by Israel Shenker, “Writing is an affair of yearning for great voyages and hauling on frayed ropes.” We surely would be hauling on frayed hope if there is no place for our work. I hope Chris Obert is able to continue hosting writer events in New England.”
Cynthia Neale, Author of The Irish Dresser, Hope In New York City and NORAH: The Making of an Irish-American Woman in 19th-Century New York City


“The two Authors’ Night Out Events that Lara and I attended gave us the opportunity to meet readers and sell our products through face-to-face encounters. We were also pleased to meet so many other authors. They taught us quite a few things about the publishing industry and through the Author’s Night Out, we were able to book guests for our new show, Scrybes. Authors’ Night Outs are events that authors and readers should make every possible effort to attend. We look forward to the next one!”
Michael Robert Berry, Author, Two Scrybes Publishing www.berryandcroft.com


“My name is KD Mason and I write murder mysteries that are set in the NH and Southern Maine seacoasts. I have participated in several events that were created by Chris Obert of Pear Tree Publishing. For new authors and local authors who have not yet developed a national audience, his events present an opportunity to reach many more people than we could ever reach as indiividuals. Each of the events he has created has been larger and more successful than the previous. From his promotional efforts and the efforts of each of the participants, the reach and impact is quite impressive. I know I always do my best to support those who support me.

Even though the world seems to have become increasingly visual in the way ideas and thoughts are shared, the written word is still the most important way that those ideas and thoughts are exxchanged. Literacy has always been the first building bloc of every society and it must be encourraged and supported. Chris is doing his part by giving myself and other authors the opportunity to thrive. Your support and sponsorship will not go unnoticed nor be forgotten.”
K.D. Mason, Author of Dangerous Shoals, Changing Tides and Harbor Ice


“I have attended several of Chris Obert’s events over the last several years. They are a lifesaver for those of us who need to promote our books. He pays attention to details, making sure the tables are set up to our advantage and marketing the event to interested readers. Authors who attend with me make wonderful colleagues as we share information on classes and conference. Many have managed to create large fan bases, but they still return to Chris’s events. I look forward to more events in the future.”
Coralie Hughes Jensen, Author of Winter Harvest and L’Oro Verde


“I have had the privilege of participating in community events organized by Christopher Obert of Pear Tree Publishing for the past three years. I am writing now to extend my support to Mr. Obert, and to express my intent to participate in any public forums or other book and author events he may organize in the future.

Authors are not always the most organized bunch, but we’re energized and enthusiastic. Mr. Obert does a wonderful job of keeping us on task and using both print matter and social media to help us extend the reach of each event to a broader public. As a writer who has published both with large houses, such as Random House and Penguin, as well as an author who sometimes issues self-published material, I greatly appreciate the opportunities that Mr. Obert offers area writers to connect with the public.

Furthermore, as a New England resident, I am deeply grateful for the kind of community building that Mr. Obert’s events provide for readers, writers, business professionals, and families. These exciting events spark creativity and a vital, personal exchange of ideas and goods that couldn’t possibly be matched by any sort of online marketing. I hope to participate in many more of his events in the future.”
Holly Robinson, Author of Sleeping Tigers and The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter: A Memoir


“It gives me great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Christopher Obert. Chris and I have known each other in a professional capacity for about four years. I am the Curator of the Buttonwoods Museum in Haverhill, MA. Chris and I have worked on several projects together during this time. We collaborated on series of informal lectures by local authors called “Book Talks at the Buttonwoods”. This series was a new undertaking for us and Chris offered many great suggestions to improve the events. For a book appraisal event with Ken Gloss of Brattle Books that we hosted in January of 2011, Chris gathered eight local authors to speak about their work prior to the main event. His commitment to and respect for his fellow authors is evident.

Our most recent partnership was hosting the book release party for his new book “Legendary Locals of Haverhill”. He has displayed a wonderful connection with this community. It is always a pleasure working with Chris. He works with a positive and professional attitude.”
Janice Williams, Curator, Buttonwoods Museum


“I am writing to give my unconditional support of Chris Obert, principal of Pear Tree Publishing of Bradford, MA. His organizational skills are apparent as illustrated by his ability to conceive of and implement Authors’ Night at the Vineyard, which brought together readers and authors. As the producer and host of the local cable TV show Write Now, I’m always looking for interesting authors to interview. At the Authors’ Night at the Vineyard, I met authors Lucinda Marcoux and Susan Walsh, both of whom I showcased on Write Now. I benefited from Chris Obert’s efforts to arrange for local authors to give public readings and interact with the public at the Haverhill Public Library in Haverhill, MA. There, I met two authors whom I will interview in the coming months.

Pear Tree Publishing was the independent publishing company which brought my poetry book, Moments Falling Open, to the public in 2007. He was most helpful in working through details of cover design, printing, editing and marketing. Chris Obert is an active member of the Greater Haverhill Poets. He was inspirational in bringing to market several of their anthologies. Marshaling dozens of poets to make deadlines can be challenging. Chris Obert was up to the task.

Chris and his wife, Nancy, are the authors of The Next Harvest, Vineyard and Wineries of New England. This beautifully illustrated and professionally produced volume speaks to Chris’ ability to bring dreams to reality. I would not hesitate to commend Chris Obert for his commitment to helping authors bring their books to market, organize complex public events, and network with authors, media personnel and the public.”
Gayle C. Heney, Producer and host of the local cable TV show Write Now


“As an independent author of New England books, I began to work with Christopher Obert, Owner & Publisher, Pear Tree Publishing in 2009. Since then he has successfully carried two of my books, and I have been invited and appeared each year at the three major literary/author events he has enthusiastically organized and sponsored in the MA/NH area near his Haverhill/Bradford, MA base. Chris is an exceptional individual, possessing superior integrity, persnal drive, marketing savvy and organizational skills, as has been plangently evident both by the growing success of his publishing house as well as the significant growth and greatly increased public attendance at his literary events. With alternatives available, I selected Chris and Pear Tree to work with as an author because I knew I would always be in very good hands. That opinion has been fully confirmed. I look forward to working with Christopher Obert for many more years and, hopefully, many more books.”
Bruce Valley, Alexandria, Virginia & Rye, NH
Author of Seahawk : Confessions of an Old Hockey Goalie (www.ryeseahawks.com)
and Rye Harbor : Poems of the NH Seacoast


“Chris has been doing event management and book signings for some time and I definitely endorse him.”
Roxanne Dent, Professional Writer


“Christopher Obert is one of Boston’s North Shore’s most prolific movers and shakers. Not only a writer, author and publisher, he has put together some wonderful and productive events. It was his New England Authors Expos that encouraged me to attend, not only for my own works, but for my sister’s and friends’ works as well. When Chris organizes an event—let me tell you—it’s an EVENT. What an ensemble of fascinating authors, artists, illustrators, publishers, writers’ groups and businesses he manages to pull together! And with consistent promos and publicity, the Expos have realized a significant profit for its authors and artists who participate. It’s an extraordinary networking event and, quite honestly, an awful lot of fun! Looking forward to the next event with an eye toward selling books and meeting some kindred spirits and fascinating people.”
Dorothy V. Malcolm, Owner, Writer, and Editor at Verbatim-Ink


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