Dangerous Shoals

Dangerous Shoals and Killer Run

Reviews about Dangerous Shoals and other K. D. Mason books
Dangerous Shoals ISBN: 978-9821983-3-9 Copyrighted © 2011 by K. D. Mason

“Get ready for another sleepless night with Jack! He is back! Romance, friendship and a killer on the loose. K.D. Mason’s Jack Beale is the Seacoast of NH’s version of Lawrence Sander’s Archie McNally in Palm Beach Florida.”
Kathy Cox


“Meals and sleep were willingly sacrificed during my reading of the first two Jack Beale mysteries, K.D. Mason. The intense and unexpected plot of Dangerous Shoals has, once again, demanded that I keep turning that infamous ‘next page,’ lest I be left hanging by my thumbs. Whether or not one missed the first two books, Dangerous Shoals stands alone, and leaves one looking forward to the next Jack Beale thriller.”
Paul Donovan


Dangerous Shoals is the third book in the Jack Beale Mystery series of books. This book continues the story started in Changing Tides, the second book in the series. The Jack Beale books do not need to be read in order but I do recommend that you read book two and three in order to fully understand the story line. In Dangerous Shoals, Jack and his girlfriend Max while trying to enjoy a relaxing and romantic summer, find dangers from their past are resurfacing and bringing with them even more trouble. Can Jack (and his pet cat, Cat) solve this mystery before more people die? And yes, I did say his pet cat. I loved the role that Cat played in this novel and I look forward to more antics from Jack’s feline companion.”
Christopher P. Obert, founder of the New England Authors Expo


Harbor Ice is as multi-layered as its name. An engaging tale set along the seacoast of New Hampshire with many twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.”
Felicia Donovan, author of The Black Widow Agency series


“In the tradition of James Patterson, Harbor Ice is a breakneck page-turner… a sharp thriller adorned with genuine romance and compelling characters.”
Derek Nikitas, author of Pyres, an Edgar Award nominee for Best First Novel


Harbor Ice – Hung by my thumbs, sacrificed a couple of meals, was unable to put the book down, but worth every minute. Anxiously awaiting the next one.”
Paul Donovan


Killer Run – K.D. Mason’s characters are everyday people. You feel like you could have a beer with Jack and you would like every woman to be like Max. I have enjoyed and learned about mysteries also things about running I never knew. K.D.’s book is unique in that he has presented recipes from the stories. Mystery fans cannot only enjoy a good book but won’t go hungry.”
Raymond Paul, author of Solace at Sunset


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