Bound for Munsungun – Family Heirloom Edition

Bound for Munsungun, Family Heirloom Edition
The History of the Early Sporting Camps of Northern Maine

ISBN: 978-0-9749291-9-4 Copyright© 2009 by Jack Ahern

The Family Heirloom Edtion is the new enhanced version of Jack Ahern’s 2008 sold out book. This book has a new hard cover and is printed on higher quality paper. It has 22 more pages than the first book and has approximately 50 new images, including photos of Theodore Roosevelt and many of the Munsungun guides, along with images of Native American artifacts. It also has a larger index to include the new material. This enhanced second edition (first hardcover edition) was printed in very limited quantities. Please order your copy today before they are gone!

“(Jack) painstakingly researched his book, which introduces readers to the pioneers, families and guides who earned a living in some of the state’s most unforgiving territory. “Bound for Munsungan” is a bit like the territory it describes: It’s a hard-edged, rustic, no-nonsense account. You don’t find long, flowery passages full of adjectives and descriptions in Ahern’s work. The collected black-and-white photos take care of that brand of heavy lifting. You do learn something new on every page, however, as Ahern walks you though the region’s history and introduces you to people like Will Atkins, Milt Hall, Walter Grau and the Libby family.”
John Holyoke, Bangor Daily News, June 10, 2008

John and Jack Ahern holding paperback edition of Munsungun (Feb. 2008)

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