An Awesome Life

Reviews about: An Awesome Life of an Ordinary Man
ISBN: 978-1-62502-019-2 Copyright© 2017 by John L. Cartier


“What a treat to read John Cartier’s autobiography. It’s just marvelous to see someone’s life be told from beginning to end and have it all make sense. You see, John’s way was always guided by his devotion to his family and unfailing trust in God to get him through the rough patches. All of us can learn from John’s goodness, hope, honesty, adventure, generosity, and most of all the love he had for all of those he cared about.”
B.J. Kittredge, Teacher and Asst. Principle, retired


“What a wonderful book! A cultural ‘history’ and family ‘biography’ all in one. Showing how, bit by bit, through the lens of five generations of one family, the still-living pillars of the Haverhill community have survived and grown strong: with faith, kindness, neighborliness, generosity and love. This book truly teaches us how awesome is an ‘ordinary’ life.”
Freda Bein Muldoon, Attorney and Teacher, retired

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