A New Friend

A New Friend by Maggie VanGalen

A New Friend
The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest

Pear Tree Publishing 2017,
$19.95, ISBN 978-1-62502-010-9


Can monkey’s fly?
Keeno is determined to try when he meets
A New Friend!


Keeno is a mischievous little monkey, and his best friend Ernest is a clever and responsible young elephant, One day, Keeno meets a fancy new friend who has him making all kinds of changes. Will this new acquaintance win him over? Will his tried and true friendship with Ernest be tested? Follow the adventures as Keeno finds himself lost, scared and soaking wet! In the end, Keeno learns two very valuable lessons about friendship and being himself.


“Maggie van Galen’s third sequel to her delightful, Keeno and Ernest series, A New Friend, is a romping good read aloud! The colorful illustrations splash with fun as Keeno and his friends come alive on the page. Join, Keeno, as he finds out the hard way-what is most important about true friendship, and about being himself! I highly recommend A New Friend as a perfect addition for every home and school library! Five stars!”

Donna Marie Seim, Award-Winning Author
First Prize for Regional Literature, New England Book Festival
The Eloquent Quill Award, Top Honors, Literary Classic Book Awards
Mom’s Choice Award


“Keeno and Ernest are relatable characters to children of all ages as they demonstrate kindness and true friendship. My own children and I read this latest adventure and really love it. What a great message about listening to your heart. I tell kids all the time to trust their intuition and be true to themselves.”

Kate Donlin, Literacy Coach, Penn Brook Elementary

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